Teen Studio Portraits

Teen Studio Portraits

Teen Studio Portraits

Passion Portraits - what do you love to do?

The teen years are when you start to get serious about training for a sport or practicing dance or playing in the band. I often hear that high school is somewhat defined or at least structured around the fall, winter or spring sport seasons, it is for my daughter for sure!

COVID has not cancelled our fall sports (fingers crossed) but they are going to look a little different. Conditioning is in full swing and the teams will be ready for whatever kind of season they can get!

Dance studios have been really creative about engaging dancers and holding online or outdoor practices to keep skills and abilities in top shape. Studio D even transformed their spring show into an amazing outdoor performance around New Milford. 

I was thrilled to spend some time with Planet Photo Junior Tribe members Ella and Katie so that they could share their passions for dance and soccer with me. I had lots of fun creating teen studio portraits with them. 


Two more group shoots remain in our summer modeling experience, I am going to miss the junior Tribe but we’ll have lots of portraits to look back on.  Make sure you are on the Planet Photo mailing list if you are interested in future junior modeling experience teams. 

Don’t forget The Tribe starts soon for 10, 11 and 12th graders!

Teen Photography CT – Meet Audrey!

Teen Photography CT

Meet Audrey!

I was so excited for Audrey’s individual shoot. She is part of the Planet Photo Tribe so I have photographed her a few times before and I know the camera loves her as much as I do. But it’s different for the individual session. For the individual session it was all about Audrey. Her interests. Her passions. Her style. And we picked the locations just for her.

She is a super talented dancer, which of course means she is at dance classes almost every day of the week and rehearsing for the Nutcracker on weekends, but we threaded the needle and made a plan. We met at the studio so that she could raid the studio wardrobe closet and got to work.

Head shots were first on the list. Check.

Teen Photography CT

We added a little make up and we moved on to studio dance portraits. Check.

Teen Photography CTTeen Photography CT

And onto the location part of the shoot. TRIPLE CHECK with a cherry on top! We stopped at a couple of different places, I joke about the best locations being on the side of the road but I am not kidding, sometimes they really are….

Teen Photography CT

Fairfield Hills is an absolute favorite and it was the look and style that Audrey wanted to create so we ended there. Sequins and tulle against a backdrop of an old psychiatric hospital which housed 4000 patients until closing in 1995 …. CHECK!

Teen Photography CT

I hope you love the images as much as we do.

Every teen is unique. I design every individual portrait session to be just as unique. I help to plan where to shoot your session and how to style it. Call to schedule your Teen Photography Session.

Make Up: Blush Couture



Teen Portraits CT Studio and Location Fashion shoot

Teen Portraits CT – Taylor

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a fashion model for the day?

Taylor is part of the Planet Photo Tribe so she has taken part in a few photo shoots over the last year but this one was different. We planned and styled this individual shoot around her and she chose a combination of studio fashion shots and locations around the town that she has grown up in, so we kept our fingers crossed for the weather to cooperate so that we could be outside!

The day of the shoot arrived and first stop is professional camera ready make up at the studio. Taylor probably has twice as much make up and is at least four times as much talent as I do, but she was still overflowing with excitement to have the full make over experience with Stacey from Blush Couture. She had inspiration photos on her phone (always helpful!) and of course she looked stunning in all her outfits.  Most importantly, she was relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

I think it was Coco Chanel who said, “Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it”

We braved the wind and chilly day to get some shots outside and the “wind machine” effect actually worked to our benefit LOL! I shared some of my favorite nooks around downtown New Milford and literally stopped traffic and drew a crowd for a couple of the 19 Main shots! Location is everything, but it doesn’t have to be a beautiful field of flowers or an elegant formal building, we found beauty in the most unexpected places.

Taylor is going to be back for the 2K18 Planet Photo Tribe so you will be seeing more of this beautiful young lady. I am so excited to get started on the group and concept shoots that are planned for this year so keep checking back or subscribe to get the blog updates. Taylor is developing an interest in being behind the camera too, so hopefully she will be sharing some of her images soon.

Whether celebrating a milestone birthday, a change of schools or just because they are changing EVERY DAY, remember that teens deserve portraits too!

Thanks for stopping by!


Hair by my Bank Street neighbors: Joes Salon and Spa

Teen Photo Shoot Studio Portraits of Caitlin

Teen Photo Shoot – Caitlin

Finding a time to schedule a photo shoot is hard for all of us. We are all busy. I know, we all get busier every year and don’t know how we will fit one more thing into our schedules, but you have to get out your calendar and find that gap. Caitlin’s schedule has been crazy with Amity High School Dance Team, competitions, rehearsing for the upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof and keeping up her grades in her freshman year at high school.

But we found the time.

Do you think her family will regret making time to capture this moment in her life? Teens deserve portraits too!

So of course we had a blast; Stacey did an AMAZING job on Caitlin’s make-up, she brought some killer outfits and being in front of the camera over the past year meant that she was relaxed and completely natural. And she had her gold dance team sneakers. Seriously? What more did we need?!?

teen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shootteen photo shoot

Caty is part of the Planet Photo 2K17 tribe and (spoiler alert) she will be back for the next season! I am so happy to have her, not just because I can stand opposite her and look her in the eye (I am a total sucker for my fellow tall girls) but she is a smart, funny and an absolute pleasure to work with. Oh and she killed it at her shoot!!!!

Oh the fun we will have this year, so many things in the planning stages and so many fun shoots in the making. I can’t wait!!!

Janet xo



Passion Portrait CT Senior Photographer

Katelyn’s Passion Portrait

Do you have something in your life that both excites you and calms you? Something that just feels right? Do you feel the need to create something or express yourself through music, dance, sports, or art? The lucky ones do!

Katelyn is a member of the 2K17 Tribe and she is also an amazing artist. We wanted to celebrate that with a passion portrait photo shoot in the studio. I think that Katelyn is lucky to have found art and I hope that her talents will continue to bring her immense joy. Whether that joy comes in the form of art school or a life long hobby remains to be seen.

I totally put her on the spot when she walked in the studio and I began unrolling the white seamless paper and asked her to draw something! She barely hesitated. She picked up her pens and started to draw. (Can we talk about the marker suitcase that she arrived with….. I had some big time marker envy. Who knew that there are at least 100 shades of blue marker!!)

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

passion portrait passion portrait passion portrait

The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.

What is your calling? I’d love to hear from you.