Birthday Cake Smash Celebration Darius

Birthday Cake Smash Celebration

Dariuscake smash celebration

What better way to celebrate a halloween baby’s first birthday than a halloween themed birthday cake smash celebration! Darius has some serious hair and he had a ton of fun with his birthday photo shoot. He obviously adores his big brother Frankie and the feeling is clearly mutual. Frankie was helpful and sweet with his little brother and he was just as excited to see him smash his cake as Mom and Dad! Can you even stand the cuteness factor???

A birthday cake smash moves pretty quickly and Darius LOVED the little monster cake that The Sweet Spot in New Milford made for him.

cake smash celebration
The bath part is a favorite of almost all the cake smashers and Darius pretty much looked like he could have splashed in the bubbles all day long.  I was so happy to have captured his personality and those big brown eyes for his first birthday. He was barely standing on his own when we did the cake smash but by the time I delivered the wall art and book his Mom chose he was RUNNING! I am so relieved that we did the shoot when we did – new runners can be a challenge and a work out!

cake smash celebration

Teen Photography CT – Meet Audrey!

Teen Photography CT

Meet Audrey!

I was so excited for Audrey’s individual shoot. She is part of the Planet Photo Tribe so I have photographed her a few times before and I know the camera loves her as much as I do. But it’s different for the individual session. For the individual session it was all about Audrey. Her interests. Her passions. Her style. And we picked the locations just for her.

She is a super talented dancer, which of course means she is at dance classes almost every day of the week and rehearsing for the Nutcracker on weekends, but we threaded the needle and made a plan. We met at the studio so that she could raid the studio wardrobe closet and got to work.

Head shots were first on the list. Check.

Teen Photography CT

We added a little make up and we moved on to studio dance portraits. Check.

Teen Photography CTTeen Photography CT

And onto the location part of the shoot. TRIPLE CHECK with a cherry on top! We stopped at a couple of different places, I joke about the best locations being on the side of the road but I am not kidding, sometimes they really are….

Teen Photography CT

Fairfield Hills is an absolute favorite and it was the look and style that Audrey wanted to create so we ended there. Sequins and tulle against a backdrop of an old psychiatric hospital which housed 4000 patients until closing in 1995 …. CHECK!

Teen Photography CT

I hope you love the images as much as we do.

Every teen is unique. I design every individual portrait session to be just as unique. I help to plan where to shoot your session and how to style it. Call to schedule your Teen Photography Session.

Make Up: Blush Couture



CT Family Photos – Alex and Abby in Harrybrooke Park

CT Family Photos

Alex and Abby in Harrybrooke Park

Abby turned one last month so we got together to celebrate! We started at the house so that Oreo could be part of the action (there’s a saying about kids and dogs but I can’t quite remember how it goes…..) Oreo was a super star and we got what we needed there in no time at all.

CT Family Photos

We headed over to Harrybrooke Park, New Milford’s beautiful hidden gem and we took the wagon for a walk. There are so many studies done on birth order and sibling personality traits that I am sure you can find scientific date to back up almost any theory. Let’s just say that Alex and Abby are pretty close in age and big brother Alex is social and extremely verbal for his age. Abby was as mellow as could be and clearly loved EVERYTHING her big brother did and said. And he has a lot to say!

It is always tricky to know what is going to work for a photo session with such little children. The wagon was a hit and kept Abby in one place and Alex busy taking his sister for a ride. Sunglasses were cute props to wear and to hold and snacking on pirates booty wasn’t too messy (and the pirates booty smiles cracked me up!) Remember if you bring a toy, snack, cup or prop then there is a chance that it will end up in every picture. Pick a small traditional toy or something fun to hold, keys distract for a few minutes but don’t really add to the end result. We played music and sang songs but if your child likes to hold the phone and dance then be prepared to see that phone in the photographs!

Are you thinking about CT Family photos? This is the busy season so call soon for availability!

Family Photographer CT – Cake Smash Milestone

Cake Smash Milestone

Family Photographer Connecticut

Greta was scheduled for her first birthday cake smash with big sister Aine along to help out. Hands down one of the best aspects of my job is getting to know some incredible families. I feel honored to be the photographer that Ian and Kate have chosen to photograph their children’s first milestones. I love seeing how they grow and change and catching up on all the family adventures.

So, the family arrived with another fabulous Sweet Spot cake and we got down to business. A couple of cute outfits (Kate loves Hanna Andersson so I can usually look forward to something adorable!) Aine has been working on her British accent with some Peppa Pig so we got the music playing and let the girls dance a bit while we set up for the cake. I LOVE it when the birthday star gets stuck in to the cake! Greta was delicate at first but she ended up being covered in frosting. And sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles! Aine sat in to help with some frosting so we finally got them in the same frame 😉

Family Photographer Connecticut Family Photographer Connecticut
Like most one year olds Greta doesn’t exactly sit still for long and this is when I love to bring out the tub. Bubbles and warm water and most babies stay still long enough for me to get some close up portraits and capture the fun of the bath tub. That’s when I get the giggle images too – can you see Greta’s tooth? How cute is that!!!!

Family Photographer Connecticut Family Photographer Connecticut

If you are wondering when you should book a portrait session you can follow the milestone plan, schedule around a family event or reunion or just pick a time that works for your family. My summer shooting schedule is reduced to spend time with my family but contact me to schedule your family session. Believe me, time flies – I will have two in high school this year!!!

Red Nose Day 2017 with the 2K18 Tribe

Red Nose Day 2017

Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the kids who need it most, both at home and around the world. Every dollar raised on Facebook for #RedNoseDay through 6/15 will be matched by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation up to $1 million.

So what does your donation do? The money raised supports projects that ensure kids are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered. Red Nose Day funds programs in all 50 states and in some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Head over to the Red Nose Day website to make your donation. I am proud of the Planet Photo Tribe 2K18 for their support of this fun and easy way to bring attention to a very worthy cause.

Get ready—Red Nose Day is May 25. Post your pictures on social media and tag #rednoseday #getyournoseon

Noses On, Red Nose Nation!

Thanks to Nora, Olivia, Liv, Maggie, Cam, Caty, Audrey, Avery, Meg, Ryan, Sam, Syd, Abbi, Katelyn, Madie and Taylor for supporting Red Nose Day 2017!


red nose day 2017#rednoseday

High School Senior Portraits CT Photographer

High School Senior Portraits CT – Will

A senior portrait session should reflect YOUR personality.

I literally twitch when I hear about the school portrait day. Girls are draped in black and the guys wear a fake jacket and bow tie so that everyone is guaranteed to look alike. Cookie cutter portraits in the year book are fine, I guess, but a senior deserves so much more to remember this important year.

senior portraits CT

senior portraits CT

When planning your senior portraits ask yourself these questions: What has defined your high school experience? Do you march in the band? Play football? Lacrosse? Tennis? Are there places that mean so much to you that they bring a flood of memories? The answers will help you choose locations, themes and the style of your shoot.

senior portraits CTsenior portraits CTsenior portraits CT

Will is a member of the New Milford High School Band so we incorporated some images with his mellophone into his shoot. He is also a really accomplished tennis player and a member of the high school tennis team, who has spent many summer days on the tennis courts of the New Milford Tennis and Swim Club, so we had to stop there!

Take a look at Will’s senior portraits, I am so glad they didn’t settle for the cookie cutter option! Including his sister Meg (and Tipper the family dog) into a couple of shots was great, I even encourage parents to jump in if they are available.

I can’t wait to hear what the future holds for Will but his parents will always have these portraits to remind them of this special time.

senior portraits CT

Are you graduating high school in 2017? It is not too late to schedule a senior portrait shoot!



CT Family Photography sitting portraits

CT Family Photography

Finley – 6 months


Finley came to visit the new studio for 6 month sitting portraits with her big brother Nolin. They were frequent flyers at my home studio but this was his first visit to Bank Street. He was so excited to see his portrait on the wall in my office and kept checking on it while he was here.

You read time and time again about how family portraits boost the self esteem of children. It gives them an identity, confirms their place in the family and makes them feel like they belong.

Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,“ says Cathy Lander-Goldberg, a licensed clinical social worker and a professional photographer in St. Louis, Missouri and the director of Photo Explorations, which offers workshops to girls and women using portrait and journaling for self-reflection.

I guess Nolin feels like he belongs to the Planet Photo family too – he was thrilled to see his portrait on my wall and brought me over to “meet” him and Finley in the wall portrait multiple times during his visit! I think Finley is going to find that her big brother will be looking out for her, there is pride in his voice and a twinkle in his eye when he says her name.

So here they are now. Six months brings lots of changes in both a baby and a two year old. Nolin is chatting up a storm and Finley was part of the group!


I would love to welcome your family to the Planet Photo Family.

Specializing in CT Family Photography – Seniors, Teens and The First Year.

Milestone portrait photography 6 month sitting session

Milestone Portrait Photography

Greta is 6 months

I have said it before but you can hear it again…. I love the 6 month session. No stranger danger, curiosity for days, sitting up and so proud but not crawling away just yet. Six months is a portrait photographer’s dream come true. When Greta arrived in her Hannah Anderson outfit she did not disappoint – she is adorable!

Big sister Aine was on hand to catch some bubbles and entertain her baby sister, siblings ALWAYS get the babies to laugh. I don’t usually recommend a sibling to participate in the whole first birthday celebration they can distract the baby from enjoying the cake, and of course they want to get in on the action, but siblings are ALWAYS welcome for part of each milestone session.


Call now to book your milestone portrait photography session in the studio on Bank Street, New Milford CT or on location in Fairfield County, Litchfield County.

See you soon!



Passion Portrait CT Senior Photographer

Katelyn’s Passion Portrait

Do you have something in your life that both excites you and calms you? Something that just feels right? Do you feel the need to create something or express yourself through music, dance, sports, or art? The lucky ones do!

Katelyn is a member of the 2K17 Tribe and she is also an amazing artist. We wanted to celebrate that with a passion portrait photo shoot in the studio. I think that Katelyn is lucky to have found art and I hope that her talents will continue to bring her immense joy. Whether that joy comes in the form of art school or a life long hobby remains to be seen.

I totally put her on the spot when she walked in the studio and I began unrolling the white seamless paper and asked her to draw something! She barely hesitated. She picked up her pens and started to draw. (Can we talk about the marker suitcase that she arrived with….. I had some big time marker envy. Who knew that there are at least 100 shades of blue marker!!)

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

passion portrait passion portrait passion portrait

The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.

What is your calling? I’d love to hear from you.


6 months old! CT Baby Photographer – Planet Photo

Aine is 6 months old! CT Baby Photographer

I love it when I get to see a newborn client for the 6 month sitting session. Aine was an adorable newborn baby so I was excited to see her, Mom and Grammy again.ct baby photographer

Six months really is a wonderful time in the development of the baby, Aine was sitting securely so we didn’t have to worry too much about bruised heads. She has no concept of stranger danger yet and was as happy as a clam to play on the rug and smile at us all! She is starting to really respond to people around her and was imitating noises (raspberry noises of course!) and she was trying really hard to coordinate clapping her hands.  She is comfortable rolling over and getting into a plank position so we caught her just in time before the crawling starts. Photo sessions with a crawler are a workout for everyone!!!!

I promised a sneak peek but I couldn’t decide between these two….. I hear that Aine has an Aunt who will be crazy about the tutu!

Love, Janet xo

CT baby photographer

Regular check ups with a pediatrician include checking on your baby’s development and hitting milestones. They are all different though and some babies skip the crawling stage completely!