Head shot Day

Branding Headshot Day

First Monday Every Month

When was the last time you updated your headshot? Your online first impression should be genuine, authentic and UP TO DATE! 

In my opinion, a good head shot should show a little bit of your personality but it should also show professionalism. It’s your chance to build trust and “speak” to potential clients and give them the impression that they would like to work with you. 

It needs to look like you now. Not the you before you cut your hair; before you lost 20 pounds; or how you looked ten years ago!

Where will you share your branding portrait?

Do you present at conferences or meetings?

Do you have your head shot on your business card?

Do you have an active Linked-In, Social Media or dating profile?

Does your company have special requirements? Some require a white backdrop and I can do that!


Determining your audience will give me an understanding of how you should be photographed. 

Let me help you update your personal brand with a new branding portrait.

Reserve your spot on the first Monday of the month to be eligible for special pricing.

A professional make up artist can be added to get you camera ready!

You will be photographed in up to three outfits on a choice of light grey/white background and dark backgrounds. 

You choose your two favorite shots from a gallery and I will deliver fully edited versions to you (in color and black and white!). 


If you need more than the Headshot Monday you should check out the Solo and Small Business Branding Sessions. Contact Me and we can design a shoot around your specifications.