Senior Portraits: Go Big or Go Home

When it comes to
senior portrait sessions,
go big or go home.

What do I mean by that?

This is an incredibly transformative period of your life.  So much is about to change.  You begin this year as a child, and end it as an adult.  Commemorating this transition requires big, bold gestures.  That is why this year holds the biggest events of your life thus far – college or trade school admission, maybe your first job application, prom, graduation, and countless other benchmarks honoring this transition. 

It is appropriate, therefore, to carve out time to capture this moment, this turning point in your life.  Selfies are not up to the task.  Amateur photographers can capture a few nice photos of you.  But in order to do a senior photo session justice, it isn’t enough to take nice pictures of you.  This is about more than just capturing your physical appearance at this moment in time.  This is about capturing who you are right now. 

It isn’t enough to take photos of you; we strive to take photos about you. 

Photos that tell the story of what makes you unique, what dreams you are about to chase down, what heights you are striving to reach.

How do we do it?

  It starts with an in person consultation.  At this consultation, we want to delve into what makes you special.  Once we have a sense of who you are, we design a custom photo session just for you.  The resulting photographs will be something you will be proud to show.  They will give you a confidence boost.  They will help you get noticed.  And years from now, they will be priceless family heirlooms your descendants will treasure.

In a world where heavily filtered selfies are omnipresent, your photographs will have a timelessness and a quality that sets them apart. 

Schedule your consultation now, before the back to school chaos sets in.  It’s easy!