Teens and Tweens & Passion Portraits

Individual portraits of your teen or tween.

These years are important too!

Highlight the dedication and determination our kids show for the things they love to do. Be it a sport, drama club, band or dance almost all the kids I know are passionate and dedicated about something. Often practicing for hours, 3 or 4 times a week and competing on weekends. It won’t always be that way, don’t lose the chance to capture those moments.

What are your kids passionate about?






Stuffed animals!!!

Let me capture that moment in their lives when nothing else matters. 

What is the perfect age for teen portraits?

It really is up to you but I usually think in milestones:

Graduating from Elementary School or Middle School,

Turning 10, 13, 16 or 21

Celebrating a special achievement in sports or another activity

A teen passion portrait session

A pre-consultation meeting via phone or at the studio to discuss creative ideas and the look of your session

1-2 hours in studio or on location (or both)

Unlimited outfit changes to tell your story, your passion – sports outfits, your violin, your favorite books and looks…..you get the idea but don’t use all your time in the dressing room!

Bring a “regular” outfit too. Express your personal style in one outfit and then let Mom show her vision of you!

Instagram sneak peaks after the shoot

Minimum Order 400 (due on the session date)

In person ordering session to go over the portrait options that suit your family’s needs. This is usually held at the studio but we can meet at your house if you prefer.

Creative Fee 150 (due at time of booking)


If you want to add a make up artist who will work with you to not only make you camera ready, but also give you some tips on appropriate make up application then we can add that too!

MUA starts at $75

Contact Planet Photo to discuss your child’s passion portrait session. 


Janet xo

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