Sitting Sessions

sitting sessions – around 6 months

The sitting session is one of my favorite milestone sessions. You should book a date as soon as your little one gets close to sitting up unaided – they’ll be crawling and walking soon enough so let’s capture them when they are in one spot! If they have a favorite teddy bear then bring it along and if they have started to independently use a spoon then a tub of baby food delivers the cutest messy shots. Most children of this age are happy to engage, but have not entered that “stranger danger” phase so we usually get lots adorable smiles and giggles. I love a combination of a cute (but not bunchy) outfit, diaper shots to show that beautiful naked belly and the folds in their amazing thighs!

Sitting sessions

1 hour in the studio or on location

As many wardrobe changes as you like

Spoon feeding shots

In person meeting to fndIn person ordering session to go over the portrait options that suit your family’s needs. This is usually held at the studio but we can meet at your house if you prefer.

Creative Fee 100

Can be added to a newborn session for $50

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