Modern Glamour Portraiture – FAQ

I want to take the best photograph of you that you have ever seen.

You probably have some questions.

What would I wear?

I help you that. I can guide you through your own wardrobe, if you want to order or buy something new or if you want to rent something for a certain look. I have a few pieces in various sizes but don’t worry, I help style every session during the consultation appointment.

Why do I need so many portraits of myself?

I want to empower you to see yourself as a strong, beautiful woman. I can bring out your best assets, the spark in your eye and tell your story. Everyone should exist in photos. Full stop. You deserve this and so does your family.

Do I need to buy a whole new wardrobe before the shoot?

Nope. Some of the best portraits are in every day clothes. You want to look like you, the best possible version of you and I will help you with that. I have a number of pieces in the studio to supplement your wardrobe.

Will I look fat? Ugly? Old?

No. I am experienced in lighting, posing and styling to make you look and feel amazing!

Can I include my husband and/or kids?

Of course! I usually suggest inviting them to come half way through the session. If you kids are really young then they need to come with a relative or Dad so that he can whisk them away when they are done.

Can you make me look like I stepped out of a magazine?

Yes! I always have a make up artist on hand to make you camera ready. We work together to get the right look and lighting to get the results.

Do you shoot in a Vanity Fair style?

I can. I love that style and if you do too then we are going to get along great!

Do you include professional hair and make up?

Yes! I want you to be pampered from the minute you arrive at the studio. Professional make-up means that you are camera ready, you will look and feel amazing (and should probably make sure to arrange a date night after your shoot). When you feel beautiful then the camera sees that confidence.

I don’t know how to pose. Can you help me with that?

Of course. That is my job and I love it.

I don’t like to dress up. Can I wear jeans and a T shirt?

Yes! We plan that in the consultation. I photograph all women. In all styles and just the way you want to be seen. You tell me how you want to be photographed.

I am no spring chicken. Do I need portraits?

Yes! Everyone needs portraits no matter how old, how curvy or how “photogenic”. It is my job to take portraits of you that stop you in your tracks.