about Planet Photo


Hi, I am Janet and I founded Planet Photo in 2013.

People ask me all the time why photography?

When I think back to my childhood I was always creating or making something. I learned to sew, and for years I made my own clothes, give me a yard of fabric and I had a new skirt for my night out. I learned to knit so one year everyone got a hand knited scarf for Christmas. I made hamster furniture out of matchboxes, yes, apparently hamsters do need furniture but unfortunately they were more interested in chewing it when you make it out of matchboxes! I couldn't wait to get my hands on the shoe box when anyone in my family got new shoes, oh the things I could make....

So of course when I got my first camera I began my passion of creating a physical portrait of memories.  The portrait experience is not just about the technical aspects of working a camera; I want to hear your story so that together we can create a way to tell it through portaits. Exist in photographs for you and your family, celebrate your relationships and share them whenever you can.

Janet xo