How to prepare for your Planet Photo Shoot – Details


How to prepare for your Planet Photo Shoot

So you are thinking of booking a portrait session but you have just a couple of questions……
Check out these Planet Photo Shoot Details first but contact me if you need more help!

Having portraits taken is something that comes natural to some and is scary for others. If you fall into the second category then don’t worry, you are not alone! I am here to help plan an amazing experience and to create portraits that you will treasure forever.

There is no set formula for when to schedule a shoot; should you wait for a family reunion? Maybe you should lose 10 pounds first? Or wait for a round birthday? Should it just be the kids or the whole family? In the studio or on location? If we say outside, then what time of year…..

The list goes on and on! Let’s dive in and answer some of the most common questions.

Let’s address the when questions first…. don’t wait. You know that feeling of the days creeping by and the years flying? Life gets in the way, things happen and before you know it another season, another year has passed. Kids need to see their parents exist in portraits. Women need to recognize that they are worthy of portraits. Children need to feel that they are valued and recognized in print in their homes.

What to wear?

  • Coordinate – Don’t match! I know those denim and white shirt portraits are still popular but let your personality shine through a little bit. I am always adding to a coordinating but not matching board on pinterest if you need ideas!
  • Keep everyone in one season. In other words, if you really want to wear that fabulous new fur coat then you probably shouldn’t put your kids in shorts and t-shirts.
  • Avoid all white. It can look a little harsh and mixing coordinating colors provides a more interesting photo.
  • Choose one outfit and build. Do you have someone in your family that is really difficult to dress? It might avoid a lot of stress if you dress this person first and build from there.
  • Pick your star! Maternity shoots should be coordinated around what the mom-to-be wants to wear. She probably has a limited wardrobe and needs to feel comfortable in front of the camera. So, once she has picked then build around her.
  • Think about your location. If you want to take photos at your favorite beach or park then you may want to stay casual.
  • Have fun! If your daughter has her heart set on a pink tutu then go with it! Part of the session should be capturing personalities as of now and if she doesn’t leave the house without a tutu, then you will need to remember that because it too will pass.
  • Be comfortable! You might have found a great look on pinterest but if your son hates bow ties and hats then he is not going to have fun at the session if you make him wear it. We all use a little bribery on occasion but if he is really against it then maybe it is time for a compromise!
  • Don’t stress! At the end of the day it is not about the clothes, it’s about you and your family. Have fun and let your personalities shine through; tutus, flower crowns, and Paw Patrol hats and all!

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What time of day?
  • The location will somewhat determine this. The golden hours of natural light photography are the beginning and end of the day but we can always make it work if you are flexible in your location. An open beach with no shade at midday is definitely not my recommendation for so many reasons so let’s talk about it when we have our pre-shoot chat. If you have a toddler then obviously don’t mess with nap time.
  • I can make recommendations based on the look you are going for. I am always on the lookout for the next great location though, so if you have an idea then I would love to hear about it! This is again one of the things that we can talk about pre-shoot. The season, the weather, the time of year all play a part so we have to be flexible. Some families hate to feel like they are being watched so we probably want to avoid busy areas in peak times – I want to get some natural shots without you being worried about the people around you!
In the studio?
  • Studio images do NOT mean boring portraits. I am there to help with posing, lighting and creating a relaxing atmosphere to capture the connections in your family. I have an INCREDIBLE natural light studio on Bank Street in New Milford. If we need additional light or off camera flash to create a different mood then I have all of that (I collect gear, it is my secret addiction….)

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I know I want to book….the how far in advance should I contact you?
  • It depends on the type of session and the time of year. The fall is always busy in Connecticut so if you know you want that look then don’t wait. I am more flexible during the week and life gets really crazy at weekends so there is very limited availability for the busy weekend days. Don’t wait too long!
When is it best to take baby photos?

In my opinion, the best baby session times fall into a couple of different categories:

  • If you want the sleepy baby shots when they really look like a newborn then it is best to book a session in advance of your delivery date and aim for the first 10 days. Babies are unpredictable but I am patient and understanding of a newborn schedule and we can usually make it work.

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A smily alert newborn is best photographed around 3 months. The baby acne has usually passed, the routine is a little more predictable and the personality of the baby is just starting to shine.

  • Around 6 months your baby will probably be sitting but not too mobile so this is a great age to capture them when they still look like babies but they don’t look quite so smushed!

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The first birthday milestone is also a great time to schedule a portrait session. Whether alone or with the rest of the family your little one will perform for the camera and will probably be toddling around. A cake smash is an option too – we start with the cake and end with a bath!

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What about Maternity sessions?
  • You want to look pregnant but don’t wait until you are sick and tired of being pregnant!!! I recommend waiting until about 6-8 months, but everyone is different, you are probably going to look and feel pregnant a little earlier if it is your second pregnancy. If you don’t want to bare your belly that is fine, we can celebrate your pregnant glow and the excitement and anticipation of a new sibling with a fun and family oriented maternity shoot. We can talk about the details pre-shoot so that you feel comfortable on the day.

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 I hope that helped but if you have more questions then send me an email to and I will get back to you!


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