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The Faces of Immigrants Old and New

A Planet Photo Portrait Project

After the success of last year’s Faces of Female Entrepreneurs Exhibition I have been searching for an idea for my next personal project. This year I want to create portraits of immigrants old and new.

Did you immigrate to the U.S. as a child?

Did you live in many countries and finally settled in America?

Were you forced to leave your own country?

Were you looking for the American Dream?

Do you call yourself an American?

Did you fall in love and moved to the U.S. to be together?

Were you recruited to come to the U.S. because of a special talent?

If you answered YES to one of more of these questions then I need to hear from you!

Please complete this on-line questionnaire to be considered for the project.

I will contact approximately 20 individuals to be interviewed and photographed. You must be willing to come to New Milford, CT to be photographed and share your story.

If you are interested in being a sponsor of this event please e-mail me directly: janet@planet-photography.com


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The Future is in their Hands

Planet Photo Tribe

Teen Photo Shoot CT

Much has been written about Generation Z. They are more tech savvy than previous generations, most don’t remember not having access to the internet via their phones and they multitask. They are also starting to express their opinions and frustrations with the current political system. Most American school kids experience drills to prepare for an active shooter situation and they want someone to do something about it. They care about the environment and animals, they have lived through the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements and they took notice.

The New York Times wrote: “Alex Dunphy from ‘Modern Family’ represents the Gen Z antidote, Alex is a true Gen Z: conscientious, hard-working, somewhat anxious and mindful of the future.”

The girls in the Planet Photo Tribe picked the issues that they feel most passionate about and we highlighted some of those things. They believe that we should PROTECT our schools, our planet, our children, our water supply, our food supply, the environment, animals, minorities and the earth.

They say NO to racial profiling, labeling, transphobia, violence, sexism, racism, fat shaming, homophobia.

For today’s teens, the nation’s first African-American president is less a historic breakthrough than a fact of life. It is the responsibility and privilege of Generation Z to vote and they intend to do so. They make up almost 25% of all Americans and THEY VOTE NEXT.

They are Stronger Together. The Future is Female. They Support Equal Rights……The future really is in their hands.


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A Planet Photo NYC Photo Shoot

Who says you have to choose a conventional location for your senior portraits?

Candytopia, a pop-up location in New York City is ANYTHING BUT CONVENTIONAL!

Here is how they describe it on the website:

“What if an eccentric chocolatier and a daredevil pop star had a whirlwind romance, got married while skydiving, and had a glamorous, glittering love child who grew up to rule a small nation?  Welcome to Candytopia, where colossal candyfloss constructions meld with a tantalizing taffy twistedness!”

I’d seen the pictures on social media and I knew it HAD to be… we HAD to have our NYC photo shoot there! We got the golden tickets and Abbi joined me on an adventure into candy wonderland. It was insane. I can’t even imagine how many 100’s of thousands of jelly beans went into the exhibit, it was a crazy dream world on a massive sugar high and we were going in.

NYC Photo Shoot

I knew we needed something different and special for this location, but you know when you don’t know what you are looking for until you see it? Well the minute I saw this romper on Fashion Nova, I knew we had our outfit!

NYC Photo ShootNYC Photo ShootNYC Photo Shoot

Thanks to the amazing staff and crew at Candytopia for their help. We shot during regular business hours using the built in spot lighting. No off camera flash or light stands. But we made it work – you gotta love a challenge.

NYC Photo ShootSo where would you love to shoot? Let’s design something completely original. I love street photo shoots, don’t you?


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Fitness Portraits

New Milford, CT Photographer

Setting a goal and achieving it. It sounds easy right?

Janese had been training for a fitness competition so I persuaded her to join me in the studio for fitness portraits. She is a strong, beautiful woman who has her eye set on achieving peak physical condition. She’s not a career athlete and she hasn’t been training for body building competitions her whole life. She is a Mom and she set herself a goal.

Our portraits were taken a few weeks before her first competition and she was approaching her goal competition weight. Of course, she has been following a strict regimen of weight training and cardiovascular workouts. Diet is just one part of the puzzle but she has been fine tuning her macros and the results are amazing!

Fitness Portraits New Milford, CT

Fitness Portraits New Milford, CT

The results can not just be measured in the numbers on the scale or her physical appearance, her confidence has soared and she feels empowered to educate other women that they can do it too. She has many people in her corner cheering her on and she is incredibly grateful for their support but at the end of the day. Janese DID IT. She was the one who put in the hours at the gym. She said no to drinks with friends and she ate right; almost ALL the time!

I am so happy to have shown her just how amazing, strong and feminine she looks. She earned a medal in her second competition and I have a feeling she has the bug. She is already training for the next competition!

Good Luck Janese.



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Birthday Cake Smash Celebration

Dariuscake smash celebration

What better way to celebrate a halloween baby’s first birthday than a halloween themed birthday cake smash celebration! Darius has some serious hair and he had a ton of fun with his birthday photo shoot. He obviously adores his big brother Frankie and the feeling is clearly mutual. Frankie was helpful and sweet with his little brother and he was just as excited to see him smash his cake as Mom and Dad! Can you even stand the cuteness factor???

A birthday cake smash moves pretty quickly and Darius LOVED the little monster cake that The Sweet Spot in New Milford made for him.

cake smash celebration
The bath part is a favorite of almost all the cake smashers and Darius pretty much looked like he could have splashed in the bubbles all day long.  I was so happy to have captured his personality and those big brown eyes for his first birthday. He was barely standing on his own when we did the cake smash but by the time I delivered the wall art and book his Mom chose he was RUNNING! I am so relieved that we did the shoot when we did – new runners can be a challenge and a work out!

cake smash celebration

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Fitness Portraits


Personal Trainer at Phys Ed New Milford

Michelle competed in her first body building competition in 2000 but she recently told me that she feels like she is in better shape now than at any other point in her life, so a perfect time to take some fitness portraits!

I invited Michelle to write a post for the blog so here in her words.

What fitness and good health mean to me.

Our bodies are meant to move…that’s what we’re designed to do.  Good health and fitness does not require endless hours of exercise or severe dietary restrictions, but it does require finding some form of movement that you can enjoy enough to do consistently and it does require being fueled with whole, nutritient dense foods.  Many individuals get sucked into the lifestyle of instant gratification:   We want it now. We enjoy those things that give us that quick moment of pleasure and we avoid those things that bring us a little discomfort.

What we should really be aiming for is an entire lifetime of feeling good.  We need to find balance between what we want in the moment and what will help us live a fuller, healthier long life.

In order to be well rounded, we also need to include finding some way to improve our mental health.  This could be as simple as taking 5 minutes a day to just sit and breathe deeply and think about what we’re grateful for that day.  Taking a few minutes to “just be” can have a huge impact on our day.

I work with many older individuals and the ones who are feeling well and healthy as they age are the ones who have learned to balance out movement, nutrition and mental well-being.  In the long run, we need to learn to take care of ourselves so we have more to give to others.

I love my job…helping others find nutrition and exercise that work for them so they can truly live their best healthy life!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michelle. You are an inspiration to so many of your friends and clients.



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New Milford HS Photography

Meet Maddie

The Undiscovered Model Competition Finalist!

Maddie joined the Planet Photo Tribe this year and I have been thrilled to have her on the team. I loved the outfits she picked for her session, fall in New England is full of color and she carried that into her styling. We chose Litchfield for her shoot and dodged the rain drops to get some of my favorite fall portraits this year. Bohemian Pizza is a Litchfield County institution so we stopped there first. We were SO sad that we were too early for their crazy good pizza but we promised to come back soon!

We stood and activated our super powers and it must have worked! Maddie was chosen as one of the Undiscovered Model Competition finalists. So cross your fingers and activate all your good vibes and super powers so that she ends up on the winners list. It’s announced on November 16th at noon CST so follow along and join the excitement.

Maddie has been involved in cheer for as long as I remember. A recent injury has kept her from flying but she has been a demo for the New Milford Bulls Cheer team and an amazing role model for the young cheer leaders.

If you are class of 2020 or 2021 then you need to be part of Planet Photo’s model experience! Senior and Teen photography that shows just how unique you are. Drop me a line with “Future Planet Photo Model Tribe Member” in the subject line and I will make sure you are invited to the informational meetings in the spring.

Now booking Class of 2019 senior sessions!


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