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Meet Denise Watson

Business Performance Coach, Trainer, and PR Professional.

I had met Denise a few times through the years (she can often be found at New Milford High School watching and photographing a soccer game) but we had chance to talk and get to know each other recently and she told me about her love of business coaching. That of course led to a conversation on personal branding images, online first impressions, websites and before you know it she was in my studio!

personal branding images

In Denise’s own words:

Put Your Best Face Forward!

“As a business performance coach and public relations professional, I am quite discerning with my choice of collaborators – whether they are photographers, business partners, or patrons. 

When you become your own business, it is imperative to have a personal and professional brand that complements the work you do – your vision, your mission, and your values. Quality images that portray your true and authentic self are an absolute necessity to that brand. 

I knew immediately that I was in the right hands to help create the images for my brand when Janet asked, “Who is your ideal client?” 

And, then she went on to talk about how to attract the ideal clients with a span of styles and poses.  Essentially, her ideas of depicting how your true and authentic self goes into your brand dovetails perfectly with my own ideals.

Most importantly, Janet and I agreed that you must love what you see, or you simply won’t share it. Sharing the real you is essential to your success. For many, like myself, to face forward confidently for photos and then share them with the world is a daunting task. Photos are forever, right?  

I can say wholeheartedly, “I love what I see! I am excited to share!”

Thanks to Janet, even my camera-shy self is devising what my future photo sessions will look like.

Janet Taub of Planet Photo is officially my photographer of choice. Her personal touch, astute awareness, and depth of talent supports the focus of her clients – personally and professionally.”

Denise Ann Watson | Ardent Image Designs, LLC.

personal branding images

MUA: Skin and Tonic

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Studio Portraits Bella

Planet Photo Tribe Studio Portraits


I was walking through my gym and as usual I checked out the magazine rack as I walked by, do you do that? I like to read books but there is something frivolous and special about a good quality fashion magazine. I am talking about Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar with the luxurious glossy paper and the bold cover images. I love the slightly over-the-top poses with really over-the-top styling that you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day, but they sure are show stoppers. I decided then that we needed a series of these magazine cover styled studio portraits shoots with the Planet Photo Tribe. Kinsley was the first one last year and I loved her images, then I shot Samantha in January and I loved those too, so I wanted to expand on that studio magic that we had going on!

Bella rocked her posing and got just the right fashion model serious face.

Planet Photo is available for studio and location portrait sessions for teens and seniors, personal branding, editorial modern glamour, family portraits in New Milford, New Fairfield, Danbury, Newtown, Brookfield, Kent, Washington, Litchfield, Redding, Ridgefield, Wilton, and surrounding towns.

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Studio Portraits Taylor

Studio Portraits with The Planet Photo Tribe


You know sometimes one item is all you need to figure out your whole outfit. It might be a certain pair of shoes. You know when you get that feeling that you HAVE to wear those shoes today so you build your entire look around them. Can you guess the focal point of Taylor’s styling (apart from already knowing that we were continuing with the studio portraits theme we had been creating with black and white bold outfits…..) If you guessed the white boots you were close, it was actually the black and white striped tights! I have had these stripy tights in my mind for a shoot for ages and I was SO excited to put them to good use so we started with those and built Taylor’s outfit around them. Because….

Stripes go with everything

And I could not agree more!!!!

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Studio Portraits Madison

Planet Photo Tribe Studio Portraits


You must have noticed the latest craze for Doc Martens? When I was growing up in the UK they were hugely popular with punks and the scooter riding subcultures, we called them DMs. Now it seems as if every girl in high school has a pair of “Docs” but not everyone has a pair of white leather ones and I was super excited when Madison pulled those out of her bag for our black and white magazine style studio portraits.


Dr Marten’s TOUGH as YOU

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Sam Studio Portraits

Planet Photo Tribe Studio Portraits


Winter in Connecticut is the perfect time to schedule some studio time, we don’t need to worry about the weather and studio portraits give us the opportunity to have a little fun playing and experimenting with some gels and studio lights. I wanted her in black and white on a white background so we could definitely play up her beautiful eyes and make her features pop. With the emphasis to be on Sam we created a slightly more editorial feel with bolder make up and sharper posing angles. It’s fun to play supermodel for the day!

Here is what Sam’s Mom Jennifer said when she saw the latest images:

Over the past few months Samantha’s confidence has grown. Part of that is due to joining the Planet Photo Tribe. She has made new friendships, and strengthen a few old ones.  Janet is a wonderful photographer, and gives these girls a place to express themselves in a way they didn’t know was possible before.

If you are interested in joining the Tribe then you better keep checking the blog because I am putting together the materials for the 2K21 Planet Photo Tribe! There will be group shoots, collaborations, studio shoots, a destination shoot to an AMAZING location and also the opportunity for service hours. Do you love fashion, social media and being a positive role model in your community? I can guide you through the process of being a social media influencer.

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Kinsley Studio Portraits

Planet Photo Tribe Studio Portraits


Kinsley has great style. Whenever or wherever we meet or walk down the street people literally stop and tell her that they love her outfit or that they really appreciate her style. I wanted to shoot images of Kinsley for her application to this year’s model competition in San Diego. SPOILER ALERT – you probably already saw that she WON!!!! You’ll have to check out those images in the next blog post!

We used some of these fabulous studio images to show Kinsley’s great range as a model for the Society12 model competition. She is a natural in front of the camera and I can only imagine what the future will bring for her but I will have the great pride in saying that it all started with The Planet Photo Tribe!

People will stare. Make it worth their while

Tom Ford

Can you guess what we used to get the dreamy cloud effect on the last one?


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Emily’s Journey in Portraits

Roxbury Photographer Portraits

Roxbury, CT

Emily got her cancer diagnosis in December 2019 and her oncologist wanted to waste no time in starting her chemo treatment. Emily is a talented local wedding and family photographer and I follow her on social media so I had read her post about her diagnosis. She reached out to me in January to take a couple of portraits. She knew that the chemo would probably result in hair loss but she wanted to control that timeline. She wanted portraits of her with her long hair before any treatments started. That same day she shaved her head. She has chosen to control that aspect of her cancer journey.

Photographer Portraits

I was touched by Emily’s story. She is a young beautiful woman with a young family and she is facing a tough battle with grace, humility and incredible honesty. She is lucky to have a loving family and an amazing support system but I wanted to do something special for her. I reached out to Karen at Joes Salon and Spa and Stacey from Skin and Tonic and they both agreed that we needed to make Emily feel relaxed, pampered and beautiful for her portraits. She started with a blow out at Joes and Stacey gave her some natural make up. We laughed and had fun before she left the studio to meet her new oncologist and the next chapter of her life.

We decided to document her journey in portraits. Chemo is scheduled every three weeks and our plan is to update her head shot before each treatment.

Photographer Portraits
Photographer Portraits
Photographer Portraits
Photographer Portraits

Treatment 2 – January 30, 2020

Emily’s hair is gone. Not everyone can rock a bald head but she can!

Photographer Portraits
Photographer Portraits

Treatment 3 – February 20, 2020

Emily was in great spirits but understandably a little nervous about her next treatment. It went pretty well so she came back with her family a few days later.

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